Tuesday, 31 May 2011

FFWP MAY LODZ 2011: Konrad Parol fall/winter OFFOUTOFSCHEDULE show

Konrad Parol fall/winter 2011/12 collection was called Les Mercenaires.
The young designer has moved us in the times of warriors, the outsiders, inspired rebellion.

photo by Michał Tuliński from wondermode.com

Lots of leather, tassels, heavy and massive boots that enchanted me with its unconventionality.

photo by Michał Tuliński from wondermode.com

Konrad Parol collection for autumn / winter is not only a silhouette of a rebel, but to return to the thick, long, woolen sweaters in classic grays and blacks with clear accents of orange.

photo by Michał Tuliński from wondermode.com

Parol tarried a little geometrical cuts on coats, are ubiquitous elements of leather and various fabrics-and all this combined with the fringes formed mystical designs.

photo by Michał Tuliński
from wondermode.com
Brave, typically male, though not lacking and female figures in my view, collection was one of the most interesting during the OFF shows.

Saturday, 21 May 2011

some autumn/winter '11 inspirations

The collection of Alexander Wang dominated by blacks in a variety of textures. Huge leather capes, jackets, and even elements of the fur. Collection broken beige tones with a combination of two completely different materials.

Alexander Wang on the planet Bang -cosmically silver shoes and items caught my attention!

Chanel boots

Celine, classic camel bag


Chloe cis something I would definitely wear this autumn! There are some classics, because there are beiges, blacks, browns and whites. A novelty in Chloe sure is a combination of vibrant colors and mixing them with animal prints!

Airy skirts and dresses with animal prints, bronze bells leather, black jackets -a woman Chloe this season.

Rick Owens

For several seasons, fall in love with Rick Owens projects. And this time not at all let me down. This year's autumn/winter is one of the most elegant: whites, blacks, browns, reds on the lips. Rick Owens fall and winter is warm, great coats, geometric cuts and texture, the maxi-length skirts and leather.

And futuristic, leather wedges to the knees.